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Author Guidelines

Papers need to be uploaded to the ePapers system. Papers should be in English, not exceeding 4 double-column pages, and should follow IEEE paper templates available here. Only the papers that will be presented at the conference are to be appeared in IEEE Xplore compliant proceedings by the below identification numbers. These papers will be also archived and available through IEEE Xploreas well as included in EI Compendex.
  • IEEE Catalog Number: CFP14APC-ART
  • ISBN: 978-1-4799-5230-4

Live Demo Paper Submission

Any research and design works related to circuits and systems are welcomed for live demonstration. Demonstrations will be conducted in presentation booths to set up a working system, may it be interactive software on a laptop, a hardware set up or even a robot. Conference site prepares one desk and several 100-volt outlets for one demo. Live Demo papers format is same as regular one but limited to 1 or 2 pages. (Call for Live Demo). When you submit a Live Demo paper through our submission web site, just select Live Demo Track. The submission deadline is July 25th (Closed).

Student Travel Support Program

Students with student ID issued by own university or institute are eligible to apply this program. When you submit a paper through our submission web site, just check Student Paper Contest then click Yes. You are automatically in the line of candidates. We will select 10 students among applicants based on the paper quality judge by reviewers.Try!

Student Travel Support Program Result

Following Paper ID has been selected as Sudent Travel Support grant. Paper ID: 7075, 7032, 7050, 7113, 7136, 7109, 7092, 7017, 7096, 7187.

ONE student author is eligible to receive student travel support grant, 50.000 JPY for each, so that he/she should bring a copy of air fare receipt as well as a student ID card which shows his/her student status. All documents are supposed to hand in at registration desk at conference site.