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Presentation Instruction

Presentation Guidelines

The presenter should prepare a reasonable number of slides, so as not to exceed the presentation time slot. Typically, 1 illustration is presented in 1 minute. Additional illustrations could be prepared to support possible answers to questions from the audience. Each slide should not be crowded by text and graphics. Too much text should be avoided: illustrations should support the presentation; they should not be simply read by the presenter. Graphics help in communications, are more understandable, and point out the basic ideas. Use large fonts (18-20 point) so they can be read easily.

Poster Guidelines

The authors are supposed to bring a poster in 1 (one) A0 paper size ( Portrait 841mm width x 1189mm height) to the conference. At the poster section, each accepted poster paper will be provided one A0 size board to hang the poster. The authors should construct the poster properly, avoid to put the presentation slides on the poster. The poster should be clearly printed and begin with a title paper.

Demonstration Guidelines

At the demonstration location, each accepted demonstration paper will be provided one Japanese type outlet plug, one table, and one A0 Portrait size board. The authors should prepare other necessary equipments for the demonstration.
  • Japanese Outlet Plug : 100V, 60Hz, Type A
  • A0 Board : 1000mm x 2400mm (Width x Height)
  • Table : A 1800mm x 450mm x 700mm (Length x Width x Height) table will be placed in front of the each board.


The standard equipment available in each of the presentation rooms is as follows:
  • One Computer with Windows 7, Microsoft Office and Acrobat Reader
  • Projector Screen
  • Projector